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I found them through Yelp and again--the power of yelp! We needed our 1 bedroom apartment painted and I was anxious to get it done before the new year, which was cutting it really close. Brett was able to come in, give an estimate (which was 100% accurate), and start work the next day. It only took a day and a half, and the whole process from starting to talk until the end was literally 1 week.
The paint looks amazing, and my apartment looks totally fresh, crisp, and new.
I was amazed with communication, accuracy in quote, efficiency in getting the job done, and how well it was done.

I received two quotes for my 2 bedroom apt on the UWS to re-do all the paint, including ceiling and trim. Brett's price way WAY better and his time estimate was half. Brett communicated throughout the job and verified questions with me along the way via email. He picked up the paint for us ahead of time and was respectful of our home, leaving no messes.

We are very happy with the end result. I would highly recommend and will certainly be hiring Brett again.

If you're like me and have never hired painters before in NYC, let me make it clear and easy for you. If you have but were less than satisfied, also listen up.

Use Yelp. The reviews are largely accurate.

Use Manhattan Painters.

I made six appointments for estimates and three were indeed excellent. I chose Manhattan Painters for four reasons: Brett got back to me immediately. He had a quiet, positive can-do demeanor. He made me feel completely comfortable; my gut told me this is a trustworthy guy. And his estimate was the fairest.

Brett and Chris arrived on time or early for each of the days they said the job would take. Really great guys. I might add, they arrived in miserable January weather. They worked non-stop each day, quietly, listening quietly to some great music. We did a walk-through each day and they addressed every single one of my concerns.

I have accent walls. Brett cuts a flawless line. He's remarkable. I also needed some difficult patchwork in many places, on window frames, and rust and water damage. I can't even tell where the damage was now. They also went over a wall when I had chosen a paint that had a sheen in it that I didn't like with a replacement paint without the slightest complaint.

I am so happy I chose them.

They are experts, they like their work, they were the most affordable, and I would recommend them to my closest friends and family.

I had a very strict timeline to find a company to paint our apartment - it was the week between Christmas and New Year's and many companies were closed or booked. Brett was responsive to my emails and gave me a preliminary quote based on the square footage I gave him. He came to see the apartment on Christmas Eve to give a firmer quote which ended up being less than I anticipated. He was very professional and was able to accommodate our schedule, allowing us to move in on time. His crew was clean, professional and fast. I am very happy with our experience with Manhattan Painters and recommend their services.

It was a great experience working with Brett and his crew. He did everything he promised and was very clean and organized. They were always on time and did what it took to meet our schedule. We would highly recommend!!

Awesome painter! We had them paint our loft which was very tricky space. Brett went went the extra mile and not only did and amazing job on what we asked for but also included extra details because he wanted to do the best job possible. On top of that it was reasonably priced. We are unbelievably happy.

So, as those following along may have gleaned from other reviews, I've spent a considerable amount of time and energy looking for an apartment over the past few months after a dramatic rent hike at my last place (still bitter). As of now, I've managed to find a solid place on the UES (sorry UWS, I'll miss you), but it's been a transition.

The need for a painter arose upon seeing the apartment: great in most regards, with a bedroom [poorly] painted a ghastly shade of yellow. I like the price of the apartment, so I decided the best course for me involved moving and then taking care of it. And so we began the landlord battles. Ultimately, we reached a solid agreement that involved me looking for and organizing the whole...project.'

I found Manhattan Painters by typing "Painters Manhattan" into Google, so...clearly a good name choice. I chose Manhattan Painters initially because of my distaste for speaking with people over the phone; their homepage includes a webform that asks for basic information, so all I had to do was type in my info and wait.

I was contacted by Andre far sooner than I expected and we scheduled a consult on the same call. Manhattan Painters has a classic small business feel: you're not going to get the bells and whistles, a staff isn't on standby on your account there...won't be an app coming out etc. etc. At the same time, there aren't 3 layers of middlemen to speak the guy in charge, and you kind of suspect you're dealing with people who work long hours, hard.

I was definitely happy with Manhattan Painters. Scheduling my consultation and the job itself was no problem, even though the weird/late night hours I keep all week makes getting many 'official' things done harder than for most. There were no hiccups in the service and the job was done fast and well (at least, I'm happy - I don't have tons of paint-related experience). My room after the job had no remnants that painters were ever there, other than off-white walls in place of a hideous yellow.


We worked with Manhattan Painters to repair and repaint the ceiling of our bakery. They were reasonably priced, and their work is impeccable. Brett also went out of his way to take care of additional places that needed help. He was very easy to communicate with, showed up on time, and was completely pleasant to work with, worked around our hours-AND everything looks amazing.
I highly recommend working with Manhattan Painters, and will certainly call them the next time we need to repaint.

Thanks for all of your hard work!!

Really great painters. Actually on time.

I think this might be my first non-food review on Yelp. Not gonna lie, wasn't expecting it to be a painting company.

I didn't expect or want to have any part of my apartment painted, but enough people commenting (thanks Dad) on it got me in one of my moods. I decided to repaint my place a nice, neutral taupe (sp?) after living with asylum white (pink in the bathroom) for many months. Was not excited about the process...bad childhood memories.

I knew 2 things going into the painting process: 1. I was not (should not) doing it myself, and 2. I was really not down to find a rando on craigslist to do it. Looking at earlier reviews, I clearly made the right decision not doing it myself. I looked around a bit and found Manhattan Painters, and decided to fill out their online form and get a quote. The manager (owner? maybe owner) I talked to was really great, and he ended up giving me a very reasonable price.

The service at Manhattan Painters was pretty great. You go for a business because of reliability, but small is better, because you can tell they connect a name with a person, not a number. The painters were able to work around my schedule and, the best part, actually stuck to it. Winning. The guys were great, really friendly and polite. After they were done they left the place like they were never here. Its been a while, and I'm still happy with the job.

Needed the bedroom painted. What I like about them. They really wanted to do a good job. They really wanted me to be pleased. When somebody wants you to be pleased, you kind of are. Did they do it fast, did they clean up completely, did it look pretty when done? Yes, yes and yes. Look interior painting isn't brain surgery. All I care is that the painters are nice and they do a good job. And they were go out of their way nice. They care about their job. I like that.

Two weeks ago, a friend of mine in the West Village decided that she hated the light brown-ness of her apartment (who could blame her? I hated it too!) and so we decided to throw a "painting party" to replace the color with an robin's egg blue. Great idea. Terrible execution. We realized quickly that we were NOT born to be painters. Enter Manhattan Painters. We called on short notice, desperate to turn the job over to professionals and voila! The owner, Andrey, was super professional, and didn't even laugh at our terrible painting skills. They were fast, efficient and above all, trustworthy. My friend wanted me with her while they were there, but honestly, there was nothing for us to do because they took care of everything. They even did an AMAZING cleanup job, which is rare - I've had so many people in my own apartment for repairs and painting and there are ALWAYS paint splotches on the floor after. Not Manhattan. I was so impressed! We owe them a ton for saving the apartment and making it look sparkling gorgeous!

I called a dozen painters in NYC, and Manhattan Painters quoted me the best price. They were responsive and easy to communicate with throughout the entire process. They arrived on time and started right away.

We love the way our apartment turned out and highly recommend Manhattan Painters!

Thank you B & J!